“Delight yourself in the Lord, and He will give you the desires of your heart (The Bible, Psalm 37:4).”

People always ask me, “How did you come up with the idea for this?”  I usually give them the short answer – it came to me in a dream while I was sleeping.  There is more to the story, at least from my perspective.  If you are interested in my inventor journey, read on!

After college I worked as a dancer and as a dance instructor.  I had many clothing changes, costume requirements, trips, shows, and gigs to fulfill.  I was frequently performing at different locations and needing multiple to be prepared while traveling.

Also during that time in my life, I became a Christian!  I was so excited about the Bible and I couldn’t wait to spend the rest of my life with faith and hope.  I started reading the Bible start to finish.

I really wanted to follow Jesus’ teachings and obey God’s word.  I studied Psalm 119 and that led me to read the whole book.  A lot of what the Bible said seemed like reasonable and logical advice for everyone to follow; do not murder, do not commit adultery, etc.  But, when I read the part about tithing, giving 10% of one’s income to the church, it seemed ridiculous to me.  I did not make very much money.  Besides, I had parking tickets and student loans.  I decided to skip that part, as it seemed legalistic and antiquated.  After all, If I was feeling generous I could just buy my friends lunch, give money to a homeless person on the street, or donate to a good cause.  I didn’t think I was a good candidate for giving money to a church.

But, the command to give to the church kept popping up in the text I was reading.  I decided to do it.  I wondered what would come of simple obedience.  10% of my income back then wasn’t much.  I gave it to the church I attended.  I prayed and thanked God that I had something to give.  I knew that this church would use the money wisely, for those in need.

That night an idea came to me in a dream – a suitcase with a garment rack built into the frame!  The rack could pop up and click into place.  When I woke up, I was so excited about the possibility of this being an original invention, something never-before-patented or created!  I had the energy and the excitement to pursue my idea.  I was inspired.

I believe that my decision to obey God, albeit in such a small way, and the idea for this invention were connected.  I learned that there is more to life than trying to hold on to money.  Trusting in God leads to inspiration, intangible experiences, and new ideas that make life fun and exciting. In my experience, obeying God was not a boring sacrifice, but the first step of an exciting adventure.

I was awarded a patent for my invention and I created The Travel Angel – The only suitcase with an extendable garment rack.  Shortly thereafter, I launched The Dance Angel – A collection of my patented luggage design for dancers.

I love hearing dancers’ stories of inspiration, hard work, struggle, and perseverance.  Send us yours and we’ll share on our page.

Holly Seeley

Inventor + Dancer + Designer

Photo Credit: Yana Khaykinson Tinker of Yana’s Photos