What makes The Dance Angel different? Our Patent for One (US 7,607,535 B2) and…

Everything! Especially craftsmanship, design, and functionality! All imitation products require inconvenient assembly. With The Dance Angel,the built-in costume rack telescopes upward and clicks into place when you need it, then retracts and stows impercemptibly when you don’t. No assembly required! We hold the patent for this original design. Knock-off products may show you a picture of costumes hanging on a dance bag, but what they won’t show is the annoying assembly process required. The Dance Angel is sleek and stylish.

How is Is The Dance Angel So Sturdy?

Through product testing and refinement, we’ve arrived at the perfect design. We used your feedback and our designers expertise! You will notice that we allow flexibility in the frame (a little wiggle margin). That is normal and we designed it in this way so that The Dance Angel does not tip. You can hang 12-25 costumes on the wings. In fact, we engineered The Dance Angel to hold 25-pounds of weight on the wings! See the photograph below.

Is the Dance Angel Safe?

Yes! The Dance Angel is in compliance with building codes, theater fire safety codes, and airport guidlines. Unlike imitation products with expansive, stationary duffel-bottoms, The Dance Angel does not obstruct exits and poses no safety hazard while in use.

Does the carry-on sized Dance Angel fit in an overhead compartment on an airplane?

Yes, you can take the carry-on sized Dance Angel on an airplane and store it in the overhead compartment!

Will the large Dance Angel fit as checked luggage on an airplane?

Yes, airlines will check the large Dance Angel!

Will you ship The Dance Angel overseas?

Yes, we now ship to Australia, Canada, and the United Kingdom. Additional shipping costs will apply and all international sales are final.

What is your return policy?

We will replace or refund new and unused items within 30 days of purchase for domestic orders. International sales are final.