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Dancer Jenna Petty pictured here with The Dance Angel, The Patented Rolling Dance Bag With Pop-Up Costume Rack.  Photo Credits: Yana’s Photos

On a brisk morning in November we gathered before sunrise at Santa Monica Beach for The Dance Angel Brand Ambassador photo shoot. Everything was falling into place – we all nailed parking, which is rare in Los Angeles, the sun came up at 6:50 a.m. without a cloud in the sky, and one of our favorite dancers arrived in her warm-ups and began stretching as we all enjoyed our Starbucks and introduced ourselves for the second time.

We first met Jenna Petty at Dancerpalooza 2017 in Long Beach. We were running a mini photo shoot in front of the iconic piece from the “Global Angel Wings Project” collection of artist Colette Miller. A few social media posts and one contest later, we selected Jenna to be the official Brand Ambassador for The Dance Angel for the winter of ’17-’18.

As we prepped for the shoot, I got to know Jenna’s dad briefly. He owns Dance Productions – The Remix in the Charlottesville area. He explained that Jenna’s mom was a dancer too. I learned that Jenna has involved, supportive parents and that they are unwaveringly committed to helping her pursue dance. There is something so comforting about a family united together in support of their teenager. May they always be there for each other like they are right now!

Our official photographer, Yana Tinker of Yana’s Photos, was ready for us. She expertly calculated distance, angle, the position of the sun, and all camera settings to capture the beauty. Yana is a Los Angeles – based artist with an uncanny ability to capture the most beautiful aspects of the spirit and soul of her dancers in photos. She is in demand with models, dancers, brides, and families in L.A. If you ever have the chance to book a photo shoot with her you will love what she creates.

“Let’s dance!” I shouted. Jenna began to move and explore the space in the sand, the air, the boardwalk, and in the surf. Yana captured these moments poignantly and she is pleased to share them with you and describe her methods on her photographer’s blog.

We used The Dance Angels to hang Jenna’s new leotards from Dancer’s Barre, (our favorite specialty destination boutique for fine dance wear in Studio City, Los Angeles) in between quick changes for the photo shoot. It was super convenient.

It was a beautiful day with a beautiful young artist. Want to know more about Jenna? Read below!

Meet Jenna…

Q: When did you start dancing?

J: Age 2

Q: What is your favorite dance style (or styles in order of how much you love them)?

J: Jazz, Contemporary, Hip Hop


Q: Who or what influenced your decision to be a dancer?

J: My mom was a dancer
Q: Who do you look up to?

J: Marissa Milele and Kylie Bronk
Q: What’s the best thing about dance in your opinion?

J: Finding and working with dancers that are just as passionate about dance as I am.
Q: What is the hardest thing about dance in your opinion? 

J: Solo competition.  You work hard for 3 minutes on stage and the reward is based on the judge’s opinion.  Much easier to name a winner that crosses the finish line first.
Q: What advice can you give someone who is just starting out?

J: Practice makes you better.  If you want to achieve a certain level, put in the hard work.  Only do it if you enjoy it.
Q: What are your goals for 2018?

J: Continue to pursue dance filmings, brand ambassador work, choreographer assistant, conventions, and performance opportunities.  Continue to work on my competition solos and team dances for an awesome Nationals.
Q: Any New Year’s Resolutions? 

J: Take care of my body
Q: What is your favorite travel destination?

J: LA or NYC
Q: What is the quirkiest thing about you?

J: My laugh
Q: What is your favorite food?

J: Cheese ravioli
Q: Favorite movie?

J: Twilight Movie series
Q: Favorite thing to do outside of dance? 

J: Hang with friends and watch Netflix
Q: Favorite song right now?

J: Perfect – Ed Sheeran and Beyonce
Q: What’s one thing that may surprise people about you?

J: When I dance, people are surprised I am only 15



By Holly Seeley



The Dance Angel is a luggage line for performance artists with a patented, built-in, glide-up costume rack. What makes it special is that these suitcases, or dance bags known as The Dance Angel, have costume racks that extend upward and click into place effortlessly and without assembly. The suitcase is upright and on 4 spinner wheels, which makes The Dance Angel the closest thing to an instant backstage wardrobe department as you can get. The Carry-On hangs between 12 and 24 costumes and the Large can hang up to about 30 costumes on the costume rack. We care about originality, hard work, and inspiration – and supporting dancers on the rise, like Jenna Petty, is in-keeping with our vision.