Presenting The Dance Angel, the only dance bag with a built-in, pop-up costume rack. How do we know ours is unique? We hold the patent! US 7,607,535 B2

The Dance Angel is a mobile closet system for dancers and performers. Let’s face it, when you’ve got multiple quick changes and a tiny backstage area, there just isn’t a good way to prepare and organize your costumes in the way you need. With the Dance Angel, just slide the costume rack up until it clicks into place.  Your suitcase instantly transforms into a costume rack on four spinner wheels! Open the front panel for access to the main dance-bag suitcase even while using the costume rack. The front pocket is removable for personalized monogramming. Remove the clutter and the stress and replace it with the costume solution that will help keep your focus where it belongs – on the stage!

Most of our dancers lay The Dance Angel flat to pack up costumes and clothes.  Then, once The Dance Angel is upright, they simply unzip the top compartment and slide upward and outward to lock the closet rods into their “ready” position.  No assembly is required.

Hooks on the inside “roof” allow for hanging costumes even while in transit.  Open the front zipper window to access the contents, and hang costumes!  All while The Dance Angel is upright.

The front pocket is removable for monogramming!

The Dance Angel is on four spinner wheels.  You can wheel flat on its spinners, or tilt it and wheel it on the two rear wheels.  The Dance Angel goes anywhere you need to go.  Check it at the airport, or take the Carry-On with you on your flight.

Watch The Dance Angel in Action