Congratulations to our newest Dance Angels! We are proud to introduce to you four young artist/athletes who represent The Dance Angel Brand and our values; hard work, originality, kindness, authenticity, perseverance, and self-confidence!

Meet Heidi!

Heidi is an eleven year old dancer from Richmond, Virginia.  Follow her on IG! She has been in dance class since the day after her second birthday and has not stopped since!  Heidi loves to go to dance competitions and conventions and dance with new friends and teachers in the industry.  Heidi trains in many genres of dance and also twirls baton and does gymnastics.  She loves art, Squishmallows, Starbucks, and the color purple. When she is not dancing, Heidi enjoys riding horses, going hiking, and hanging out with friends.   Heidi’s dream is to dance professionally and own her own studio and is so proud to be a Dance Angel.  (Credit IG @movementinmotionphotography)

Meet Mads!

Mads (Madison) is 14 years old and lives in MN. Follow her on IG! She has been dancing for 12 years and competitively for 10 years. She loves conventions and learning for all the amazing talent around the US. Outside of dance Mads enjoys modeling, working with younger children (in and out of the studio), working with Dancers against cancer and dancers against bullying. She is fluent in Chinese and she is going to start learning American sign language soon. She is excited to be a dance angel ambassador this season. She absolutely loves their suitcases for dancers on the go and loves how family oriented they are. 

Meet Sisa!

Sisa fell in love with dance when she began tumbling at the age of 6. Follow her on IG! As she grew so did her love of movement and determination to learn. She loves to turn and put fun twists on tricks. Sisa now enjoys traveling for conventions and competitions and expanding her knowledge of dance from incredible coaches. 

Meet Delaney!

This will be Delaney’s 4th season dancing competitively. Follow her on IG! This year is special because Delaney was chosen as the National Dancer of the Year at Hollywood Vibe Nationals this summer. Besides dancing, Delaney really enjoys acting and she takes acting classes once a week on her “off” day. 

A Look Back at our Legacy Spring 2023 Ambassadors

Meet Jeida!

Jeida has been dancing since age 4 and was invited to compete at age 5. She grew more in love with dance thanks to her training at Movement Montana and the opportunities they provided. In July of 2021, Jeida and her family moved to Gilbert, AZ where her competitive dance journey continued. She quickly became interested in photoshoots, master classes, supplemental training companies and ambassadorships. 

Currently, Jeida is an ambassador for Olanno Dance, Taytrvibe Dancewear, Claire Fabre Photography, Dance Lashes and now, The Dance Angel. 

Jeida’s favorite dance moments this far have been receiving Radix Regional Mini Protege Winner, training with Blake McGrath and winning Mini Miss Hype at Intrigue Nationals in 2021. 

Meet Mya

Mya is a 9 year old artist / dancer from New Jersey. She began dancing at the age of 2. Mya has been training  at NJ Dance Fusion for the past 5 years and is part of the Elite Company Team. She loves all  styles of dance and considers herself a versatile dancer.

Mya is represented by Clear Talent Group NY  & LA. Her first job was with the Queen of Christmas, Mariah Carey’s “Merry Christmas to All” tour.

One of her many goals and dreams is to go on tour with Beyoncé , Rihanna, and Janet Jackson, to own a dance studio, become a choreographer, and an actress. 

Meet Olivia

Fun fact, Olivia began dancing in her mom’s belly when her mom taught her Zumba classes, and then at the age of 2.5 she took her very first dance class and has never looked back! Olivia is on her 4th season as a company dancer at Club Dance Studio in Mesa, AZ and she dances about 20 hours a week. Her favorite genre of dance is Ballet.  She’s dedicated, disciplined and manages her academics and dance schedule like a pro without any complaints.  In her spare time she loves to read, sew and hang out with her older brother.  At the age of 10 she’s already reached a tremendous amount of personal and dance goals, but she continues to push herself out of her comfort zone and set new goals. Her dream is to become a choreographer and dance instructor and help kids to dream big! Olivia thanks The Dance Angel company for their unconditional support with her dance journey so far and hopes to make The Dance Angel proud as one of their brand ambassadors.