Group Discount

**Group Sales Discount / Wholesale**

For dance studios, retailers, and dance companies, we offer the opportunity to purchase The Dance Angel at our wholesale price with a minimum order quantity of ten or more.

To get started, simply contact us with your details, and we’ll promptly provide you with a personalized quote. If you’re interested in monogramming for your group order, be sure to include names, font preferences, and color choices.

Join us in the world of dance innovation with The Dance Angel, where convenience, style, and functionality unite to create the ultimate dance bag. Make your next performance a breeze with The Dance Angel – the future of dance luggage.

**Unleash the Magic of The Dance Angel**

The Dance Angel isn’t just any dance bag; it’s a revolutionary masterpiece designed to simplify and enhance the lives of competitive dancers. This luxury costume luggage is a game-changer, offering a host of unique features:

– **Pop-Up Costume Rack:** The Dance Angel is the only rolling dance bag with a pop-up costume rack, capable of holding 6-10 costumes, leotards, makeup, and shoes.

– **Easy Access:** Our front zipper panel provides effortless access to your Dance Angel’s contents even when it’s upright, saving you precious time during quick changes.

– **Customization:** The front pocket is removable for monogramming, enabling you to feature your dance team logo and the dancer’s name.

– **Travel-Friendly:** With dimensions of 22″ x 14″ x 9″, including wheels and handles, The Dance Angel fits conveniently in the overhead bin on airplanes, making it your perfect travel companion.

– **Stability and Convenience:** Equipped with six spinner wheels and a stabilizing “feet” feature, The Dance Angel remains steady when in use. The costume rack extends up to 44″ high off the ground and stretches 23″ side to side.

– **Simple Elevation:** Raising and lowering the costume rack is a breeze with the rectangular sliders, offering a hassle-free experience.

**Listen to Our Customers**

Our commitment to excellence is evident in our 2022 collection, which incorporates valuable feedback from our valued clients. We’ve fine-tuned The Dance Angel based on your needs, resulting in a competition bag that caters to the demands of today’s competitive dancers.

**Why Choose The Dance Angel?**

The Dance Angel is not just a bag; it’s your backstage assistant, helping you make quick changes and organize your costumes efficiently. Unlike imitations, our product doesn’t require time-consuming assembly and doesn’t hog dressing room space. It’s nimble, convenient, and intuitive to use, ensuring that your suitcase does everything you need it to. With The Dance Angel, you’ll feel like a laser-focused and efficient dance ninja, always ready for the next performance.